Do inactive employees charged?


How can I report a bug or request for some special feature?

The client can report a bug by contacting us through:

  • Contact us form
  • Email
  • Telephone

How much time is required to get a response by customer services?

The client gets a response by the customer services department within 24hrs.

Are your offering any discount?

Yes, discounts are offered after reviewing the set of requirements.

Is it possible to cancel my subscription?

Yes, the client may cancel their subscription.

Is it possible to up and downgrade my plan later?

Yes, in customer section it is allowed to up and downgrade the plan.

Is time & attendance module able to connect with physical devices?

Yes, time & attendance module can be connected with physical devices.

After making a purchase how much time is required to ready my DriveHR?

Your DriveHR is ready to use within 10 sec after making a purchase.

Are you allowing to buy only payroll module?

Yes, the client can purchase only payroll module.

Is employee allowed to apply for leaves through mobile phone?

Yes, the employee is allowed to access the system and apply for leave via smartphone.

Is it possible to customize DriveHR to meet my business necessities?

Yes, DriveHR is easily customized according to client’s requirements.

What happened to my data, after the expiry of trial version?

On expiry of the trial version, all data will remain to save to our database and could be easily accessed after upgrading the package.

Is multi-currency allowed by the DriveHR?

Yes, DriveHR allowed multi-currency.

What is the process of accounts payroll integration?

The simple On-click process is available for accounts payroll integration.

Is report creation possible within DriveHR?

Yes, reports can be easily created with reducing data redundancy and accuracy.

Is it possible to import employee data?

Yes, employee’s data could be easily imported through DriveHR.

What type of companies may use it?

It is used by all SME without any discrimination of size and type.

What features are accessible in basic DriveHR?

In basic DriveHR, the management of 5 employees is free for lifetime.

What features are offered by DriveHR?

  • HR Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Payroll

Is it possible to create custom bundles?

Yes, DriveHR is allowing its clients to create custom bundles according to their business necessities.

What payment method is accepted by you?

We are accepting two payment methods right now:

  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer

What kind of support is offered along with DriveHR?

  • Telephonic Support
  • Technical Support
  • Email Support

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.

Will the vendor offer training?

Yes, the vendor is offering complete training through user manual & video.

Is DriveHR scalable?

Yes, it completely scalable. Its flexibility and scalability facilitate the business in during unpredictable business requirements.

Does DriveHR offer complete data security?

Yes, DriveHR is offering complete data security through:

  • Password access
  • Role based access

What actually DriveHR is?

DriveHR is a software solution, specially designed to efficiently manage end to end HR operations.

What benefits could be achieved by using DriveHR?

  • Enable the employees to be more productive
  • Improve work accuracy and efficiency
  • Information is easily accessible
  • Reduce data redundancy and paperwork